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Our law firm

Our law firm, in its actual configuration, was born in 2015 with the objective of getting together under the same roof and having the same vision, the professional lawyers that already had a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation.


As all of the seven lawyers in our firm had his/her own specialized career path, which allows us now to provide integrated legal consulting to our clients, being individuals or companies.

Implementing locally, acting globally

Our law firm is a well established company, benefiting from a good reputation and recognition in the local area where most of the litigious work volume originates from.

However, it is more and more frequent that our clients expand their activities outside national and community boundaries. In such cases, we try to provide them with the adequate legal support from our professional partners abroad: law firms located in other countries and even continents that share our values.

Excellence is our goal

Our clients trust us with valuable and sensitive personal interests and assets that deserve being taken care of with the utmost solvency.

Thus we can conceive and practice our profession guided only by the highest level of service quality, without sparing dedication, time or effort in each of the matters, rejecting conventional solutions. Instead, we assess the specific circumstances and objectives of each case in order to be able to find and provide customized solutions. This is our view on excellence.

Value is more than just the price

While dealing with any matter, we are defending, as essential values and as a discriminator of our legal firm, the extensive experience and expertise of our team members; their specific and continuous training to act and enhance their knowledge and skills; and, finally, the most absolute implication in defending the interest of our clients.

In each circumstance, we calculate the price of our services based on specific parameters and we propose to all possible clients a customized and adjusted quote, frequently consisting of a fixed amount and a contingency sum (it is adjusted according to the results). This is our way of showing implication and solidarity with our clients.

We bet on the risk takers

We sincerely admire the entrepreneurial people; those who try to turn their ideas and innovative projects into reality; those who are willing to take the risk of failure and bet for business generating activities to provide for themselves and for the community around them.

We are passionate about providing legal support to these clients, including with lower rates for their first steps, and then accompanying them along the way and witnessing their growth and success. This is why we are keen in dedicating a lot to the startups, as well as providing legal support and counseling to the new business projects as we have great expertise in intellectual and industrial property.