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Preliminary study and all kinds of contracts with patrimonial content: selling, loans...

Banking Law

Claims for invalidity of clauses imposed by financial entities: mortgage floor rate, improper fee charges, claims of mortgage costs...

Rent & Lease

Drafting of contracts and management of judicial proceedings.

Condominium Law

  • Counseling on the right implementation of the Condominium Law (Ley de Propiedad Horizontal)
  • Contesting the agreements of the Homeowners Associations
  • Claims for contrary acts towards the Condominium Law or the statutes.
  • Monthly fee claims

Public liability

  • Claims for personal injuries and material damages in all kinds of accidents
  • Liability for damages generated by mal praxis
  • Liability for construction faults

Family Law

  • Matrimonial proceedings for separation/divorce in court, with strategic management of the derivating issues: minors’ custody, alimony.
  • Matrimonial proceedings for separation/divorce by mutual agreement.
  • Modification of agreements in a previous matrimonial proceeding.
  • Regularization of minors’ stats in break ups of civil partnerships: custody, visit rights, alimony.
  • Liquidation proceeding of matrimonial patrimony.

Succession Law

  • Counseling in drafting of wills.
  • Division of successions with heirs’ agreement
  • Testamentary litigation: contesting of wills and contentious divisions of inheritances.